Michael O'Rourke   Director

Michael is a conceptual artist and filmmaker exploring the intersection of cinematic art, technology, and what can be called a 'conscious media'. He is the founder of Dimension 7 (D7), one of the premier video production companies specializing in the creation of large scale projection media environments. The I AM film was conceived by Michael to be one of the first examples of 'performance cinema' where the media assets of linear film are dynamically remixed to create a dynamic, experiential, and immersive media environments. Dimension 7/D7 is known internationally for its artistry and live shows, combining computer graphics, live camera imaging, lasers, and metaworld experiences. Michael is the director of Groundwork(2001), a documentary film for the United Nations, Co-founder and President of the Board for the the nonprofit World Peace Through Technology Organizaation AKA Peace Tour, and founder of Storytoday, an Internet Television Network based in San Francisco, California.