The purpose of the I AM Movement is, saying it bluntly, to help save the world, by catalyzing the awakening of millions of people to recognize the literal truth of their oneness with each other, with the natural Earth and the Cosmos. Nothing short of that kind of spiritual transformation is likely to be sufficient to catalyze the renewal of our bodies, societies, and environment.

This film is far from done. It will never be done. As a living film -- perhaps the first major "open source film" -- to be evolved forever by the collaboration of people around the globe, I AM can become a powerful vehicle to foster unity among competing traditions of thought and belief. Over time, I AM can catalyze understanding among nations and religions, and between religion and science. During these troubled times, we hope it will be seen by as many people as possible, in homes, schools, and places of worship. We intend for this media to be shared far and wide, used by artists, musicians, performers, and all engaged in creative activities.

When a critical nucleus of humanity awakens, the new world we've dreamed -- the world we know is possible -- will begin to emerge.

Please add your voice to the I AM Movement, contribute to the evolution of the film, and spread its message as far and wide as possible.

Joseph Firmage  and  Michael O'Rourke   2006/08/08

The idea that "we are one" -- like some kind of Universal Force -- is as old as the oldest stories we know. Throughout the ages this idea has inspired philosophies and religions, and has also motivated scientists to discover the elements of which we are made and how they work.

For me, and perhaps you, there has always been a ring of truth to this idea, but it seemed nebulous and difficult to empirically comprehend, and often bundled with a lot of nonsense. How can we actually be one in a literal way, given that our senses clearly distinguish us from each other and all other objects around us?

I remember the flash of understanding very well. In 1998, while reading a popular book on physics, it occurred to me that words like "molecule", "atom", "matter" and "energy" we're being thrown around with casual abandon, leaving readers unaware how related the words are to each other. As a former physics undergrad, I knew well of the intimate relations among these terms. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the question of oneness could be proven very empirically, very logically and very simply. Here's how I came to know, not just believe, that a Universal Force exists, and we are made of it. Once you know this, it becomes easier to actually feel the unity, and that's when the change of heart occurs.

I was inspired and humbled and excited by the realization. It instantly resolved the tension between the scientific and spiritual sides of my life, because I came to see science as simply the way a Universal Force measures itself. It was this process of understanding that gave birth to this film. I AM attempts to retell the history of our world from a truly integral point of view.

Joseph Firmage