Currently, we're seeking contributions from the I AM Community in the following areas among others, to strengthen the weakest portions of the first cut of the film:

  • We must replace the music in the "Cosmos" section. Alas, while as perfect a fit as Burning Bush is, DreamWorks is unlikely to give us a license.
  • The CGI for the Cosmos section needs to be redone with greater fidelity to the science. The sequence is: we see the activity of charges in newly forming atoms inside a star, zoom out, pass by some planets, pass other stars and nebulae and pull out of the galaxy. See the majesty of galaxies everywhere. Enter the Milky Way, and discover a newly forming solar system, ours. The planets form the accretion disc, and then absolute path of motion of the bodies (with respect to the center of the Milky Way) is revealed.
  • We'd like to see much more dynamism of animal life -- and death -- in the Rise of Animals section.
  • We'd like to spend more time with the dinosaurs.
  • The section covering ancient civilizations needs a complete musical overhaul, filled with the dynamism of ancient music and sounds.
  • In fact, that section needs a video overhaul, giving us more time with each place and time, and time with places that aren't yet represented. The dynamism of the rise and fall of civilizations -- the high points and low points -- needs to be much better represented.
  • The Renaissance section can similarly use lots of additions and refinement.
  • There are more than one chronology errors to be corrected -- such as the French Revolution vs. American Revolution.
  • Beginning in the age of recorded sound, we want the sound track from then on through to the present day to be a rich collage of music from each era, integrated with a harmonizing track representing the gestalt of the time.
  • We have no footage movies from the era because of outrageously stingy copyright laws. We'd like to see this corrected somehow.
  • We'd like to see an Alex Grey-esque reflection of Morea fade into her mirror as she awakens to understanding. As with the particles and DNA sequences earlier in the film, one of the core ideas to preserve is that everything is made of the same Force, which is best depicted by having a monochromatic glowing luminance appear where otherwise-ordinary-looking matter (and energy!!) is (are). It would be great to be able to visualize the totality of immersion of matter in its true electromagnetic ocean, back in the particle section and the DNA sequence and here too. Tall order.
  • We want to re-do the "Awakening Ascent" taken by Morea in her mind's eye. It came out quite wrong in this first edition. She was to be wrapped in a beautiful spiral as she relives evolutionary history in reverse, ending with the revelation of the geometries taken by the Force. In the current version it looks as if she's flying through a semiconductor. While that may be an ironically accurate portrait of modern life, it is not the intention for that section.
  • We'd love some creative imaginations of what life will look like in 2050. The "Aerocity" we've named Genesis is magnificent and true to what we believe is in store by then, becoming technologically feasible through likely-imminent physics discoveries regarding gravitation and inertia and the means to control them, and related discoveries of ways to tap the vacuum for benign energy at little or no cost. We humans will be able to simultaneously lighten our footprint and lengthen our stride. But more specifically, how about life on land without the need for highways, fossil fuels and materials extraction? How about life when work becomes truly voluntary and money no issue? Most interesting of all, what will "Contact" look like? What will it be like to fly among star systems, and what may it be like to graduate as a new species with membership in a galactic civilization?
  • Finally, we need to redo the departure sequence from Earth into space, as we voyage to another world.
  • Throughout the film, poetic suggestions for narration are welcome.
  • And all other constructive suggestions!

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